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About Me

I spend my days as an IT Solutions Architect for one of the largest education focused VAR/System Integrator shops in the United States. In a previous life I was  the lead IT systems engineer for the second largest school district in California. I blog about mostly work stuff, with the occasional random technology bit thrown in.

Past projects Include:

  • Rolled out 80,000 netbooks running Windows 7 for student use.
  • Leading Development of custom interfaces between SIS/ERP systems and Active Directory
  • Developing custom tools for managing Chromebooks across a variety of customer platforms
  • Linking ERP systems with Salesforce using Pentaho Community Edition
  • Custom MacOS UI scripting using Pashua and shell scripts
  • Linking Active Directory with cloud-based apps using ADFS
  • Exchange 2010>2013 on-premises migration for 5,000+ mailboxes
  • Developing solution designs using Dell, HP and Lenovo servers and Cisco networking

Current Projects Include:

  • Finally getting my CCNA
  • Finding my next cool vacation spot

The content of this blog is mine and mine alone, no posts here reflect the opinion of my employer.

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