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Sunday, March 28, 2021

Tossing an Outlook 2016 for Mac Profile

8:24 PM Posted by erikpt No comments
I'm archiving this here for my own benefit. I didn't come up with this originally. Credit due to @ajkgordon on (original link) for the original. To delete the Outlook profile, go to Finder > Applications > right-click / CTRL-click on Outlook > Show Package Contents > Contents > SharedSupport > Outlook Profile Manager > Select profile > Click the minus sign to remove. Then empty trash. After this, the user can launch Outlook and setup their profile as if it was first being setup. In case you're looking for PC instructions, here the are from memory. Open Control Panel (the legacy control panel, not the new Windows 10 settings) Open the Mail control panel Select Show Profiles Remove the profile Restart Outlook and setup the profile again.


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